Tacky Beef Taco Skillet Dish with Cauliflower Rice

While searching the internet, I found a cheesy nacho beef dish . The recipe requires a couple high carbohydrate ingredients like rice and corn, however I turned it into a beef taco skillet dish. It truly wasn’t difficult to adapt the dish into a low carb variation. I just replaced the rice and corn along with neglect a couple other carbohydrate adding ingredients. The original dish utilized a container of roasted red peppers which I overlooked. And, I didn’t use the taco flavoring mix since it has added starch. Rather, I utilized the spices mix from my Mexican Zucchini and Beef recipe. The original recipe requires two cans of diced tomatoes. I used this amount initially. However, after computing the reliable carbohydrates per serving, I decided to cut the amount in half. Tomatoes are low carb, they are a fruit and consist of sugar carbohydrates that can add up. There’s just one can of diced tomatoes with green chilis in this low carb tacky beef taco skillet recipe.

This is also a fantastic dish for using up leftover. cauliflower rice . You do get a lot of cauli rice out of one head of cabbage so I end up more than I can consume. My other half ate this taco skillet meal and he does not like cauliflower.

With Cinco de Mayo simply around the corner, I’m believing this easy skillet meal will be ideal for commemorating. I may even make some tacos and toss a low carbohydrate party.

For this cheesy beef taco skillet dish, you can use any design of cheese you like. I utilized an 8 ounce block of Colby Jack cheese that I shredded in the food processor.

You can make your own Mexican cheese blend by integrating Monterey Jack and moderate Cheddar. Simply beware of the pre-shredded cheese blends. They typically include unneeded starch.

Although it’s most convenient to use a food mill for grating cheese, you can do it buy hand. All you require is a box grater or hand held. rotary cheese grater ?

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  • 6 people.
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