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Healthy Recipes – 5 Steps to Cooking a Tasty Nutritional Meal

A healthy recipe requires a good mix of good carbs, proteins, and good fats, which helps losing weight easy and quick. For sure, if you enjoy the healthy foods you are sitting down to, it makes the lifestyle choice of healthy eating easier to follow, plus if you consistently stick to it, you will notice the results.

So the question is – “How do you prepare and cook delicious healthy meals?”

Simply mix and match the ingredients (like chicken, salmon, steak, kale, spinach, walnut oil, etc), garnishes (fresh herbs, dried spices, etc), and use a cooking method to produce that yummy healthy meal … always. Below is a cheat sheet guide that will help you create plenty of healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, every time, and in five steps!

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Your calorie controlled diet of mix and match healthy ingredients can be easily planned in advance and cooked in bulk to save cooking time and better yet, help you make those breakfast, lunch and dinner time decisions even simpler. This is smart nutritional planning for you, your family and your kids.

Before you get onto the healthy recipe guide, here are two simple healthy meals you can prep and cook today! Remember always to buy fresh local produce!

1. Salmon Salad

A simple healthy recipe consisting of smoked salmon, wholegrain bread, cucumber, rocket and capsicums. This healthy meal is high in protein, low in calories, free of dairy and low in sodium!

Prepare four slices of toasted wholegrain bread which are then cut into pieces. Add and mix 300 grams of hot smoked salmon, diced cucumber (one), rocket (four cups) and chopped capsicums (two). Then drizzle a 1/4 cup of dressing free of oil.

2. Creamy Chicken And Apple Coleslaw

Another simple healthy recipe packed with chicken, apples and veggies! tasty veggies which is covered with thick coconut sauce. This yummy meal is free of gluten and dairy free, low in calories, high in protein, and high in fibre!

Mix shredded green cabbage (one small head), shredded red cabbage (one small head ), shredded snow peas (100 grams), grated carrots (two), finely chopped red onion (half), grated red apples (two )and 50 grams of chopped walnuts, with two cans of 160 grams of shredded chicken (spring water, sea salt flavour) and low-fat mayo (1/2 cup)into a large bowl.


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 The healthy recipe guide below will run through the simple steps in preparing a healthy recipe for meals using a selection of protein, good bards, fiber and yes … healthy fat. Then the following steps include choosing relevant portion sizes of each food group, sprinkled with tasty garnishes to cooking the meal.

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So get cracking, think about the meals you want to enjoy, choose your ingredients, buy fresh, cook your healthy meals (or in bulk) every time and enjoy. Stick to it and you will see great weight loss results!

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