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Vegan Fried Rice

Bowls of our healthy fried rice with crispy tofu for a vegan meal

Friends, do you understand how long it’s been because I had fried rice? Long.

This recipe is my service to that issue and you ought to completely get on board since it fasts, very and simple scrumptious.

Cooking tofu in a cast-iron skillet for making vegan fried rice

Origin of Fried Rice

The exact origin of fried rice is unknown, however it’s earliest mention is believed to be in a book about Chinese cuisine from the Sui Dynasty (569-618). The story is that Emperor Yang Guang tasted the meal in Yangzhou and liked it so much that it ended up being an imperial dish.

The basic dish for Yangzhou fried rice consists of rice, eggs, meat, fish, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and peas. You can discover a standard (not vegan) dish here .

Ourplant-basedversion wanders off from traditional in terms of ingredients, however is similarly colorful and cooks the rice twice for a fried effect.

How to Make Vegan Fried Rice

This fried rice needs simply 10 componentsand easy, fool-proof techniques..

Including cooking the rice, the entire dish comes together in a little over an hour and feeds 2 generously as an entr\u00e9e boasting 27 grams of protein.!

Now we’re talking …

Cooking vegetables in a cast-iron skillet for vegan Chinese Fried Rice

It starts with my favorite. crispy, baked tofu. marinaded in a simple 5-ingredient sauce and saut\u00e9ed to crispy excellence.

Next comes a generous assisting of vegetables tossed with the staying sauce and perfectly tender wild rice.

Pouring sauce into cast-iron skillet filled with our Vegan Fried Rice recipe

The outcome? Fried rice excellence. It’s

Loaded with veggies
Topped with crispy tofu
Discreetly spiced.

Make this as a side or an entre meal when a serious Chinese takeout craving strikes! I reckon it’s far healthier and more satisfying than anything you’ll discover at a restaurant.

Big pan of our Fried Rice with Crispy Tofu for a healthy plant-based meal

What to Serve with Fried Rice.


Let us know if you attempt this recipe! Leave a comment and rate it, and do not forget to take a photo and tag it.

Close up shot of a bowl of our gluten-free Vegan Fried Rice with Crispy Tofu
A big serving of our amazing Vegan Fried Rice with Crispy Tofu for dinner

Prep Time.15.minutes.

Prepare Time.1.hour.

Overall Time. 1.hour 15.minutes.


Course.Meal, Side.

Cuisine.Asian-Inspired, Gluten-Free, Vegan.

Freezer Friendly. No.

Does it keep? 3-4 Days.


  • 1 cup extra-firm tofu *.( 8 ounces yields ~ 1 cup).
  • 1cup long- or short-grain wild rice *.( rinsed thoroughly in a fine mesh strainer).
  • 4 cloves. garlic.( minced).
  • 1 cup chopped green onion.
  • 1/2 cup peas.
  • 1/2 cup carrots.( finely diced).


  • 3 Tbsp.tamari or soy sauce.( plus more for veggies + to taste).
  • 1 Tbsp. peanut butter.
  • 2-3 Tbsp.natural brown sugar, muscovado sugar, or maple syrup.
  • 1 clove garlic.( minced).
  • 1-2.tsp chili garlic sauce. ( more or less depending on chosen spice).
  • 1 tsp toasted sesame oil.(.optional.// or sub peanut or avocado oil).
  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees F (204 C) and line a baking sheet with parchment paper (or gently grease with non-stick spray).

  • In the meantime wrap tofu in a clean, absorbent towel and set something heavy on top (such as a cast iron skillet) to extract the liquid.

  • As soon as the oven is preheated, dice tofu into 1/4-inch cubes and set up on baking sheet. The longer it bakes, the firmer and crispier it will become, so if you’re looking for softer tofu remove from the oven around the 26-28 minute mark. I choose crispy tofu, so I bake mine the full 30 minutes.

  • While the tofu bakes prepare your rice by bringing 12 cups of water to a boil in a large pot. Once boiling, include rinsed rice and stir. Boil on high uncovered for 30 minutes, then pressure for 10 seconds and return to pot eliminated from the heat. Cover with a lid and let steam for 10 minutes *.

  • While rice and tofu are cooking, prepare sauce by adding all ingredients to a medium-size mixing bowl and blending to integrate. Taste and adjust flavor as needed, adding more tamari or soy sauce for saltiness, peanut butter for creaminess, brown sugar for sweetness, or chili garlic sauce for heat.

  • As soon as the tofu is done baking, add directly to the sauce and marinade for 5 minutes, stirring sometimes.

  • Heat a large metal or cast iron frying pan over medium heat. When hot, use a slotted spoon to scoop the tofu into the pan leaving the majority of the sauce behind. Prepare for 3-4 minutes, stirring sometimes, till deep golden brown on all sides (see picture). Lower heat if browning too rapidly. Eliminate from pan and set aside.

  • To the still hot pan include garlic, green onion, carrots and peas. Saute for 3-4 minutes, stirring sometimes, and season with 1 Tablespoon (15 ml) tamari or soy sauce (quantity as initial recipe is composed// adjust if changing batch size).

  • Include cooked rice, tofu, and remaining sauce and stir. Cook over medium-high heat for 3-4 minutes, stirring regularly.

  • Serve right away with extra chili garlic sauce or sriracha for heat (optional). Reheat in a frying pan over medium heat or in the microwave.

* If you don’t like tofu, you can sub 1 cup fresh or frozen edamame– include with vegetables
* For the rice, you can also substitute a comparable quantity of quinoa
* Rice cooking approach from. Saveur. ! Actually, the best wild rice
*.Nutrition information is a rough price quote calculated with the lesser quantities of brown sugar and chili garlic sauce.

Serving1.serving.Calories321.Carbohydrates48.7.g.Protein13.5.g.Fat8.2.g.Hydrogenated fat1.4.g.Polyunsaturated Fat1.05.g.Monounsaturated Fat1.01.g.Trans A4084.IU.Vitamin

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