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Tyesha Lost 55 Pounds and Keep the Weight Off!

Tyesha before and after weight loss

Starting weight: 205 pounds.
Current weight: 156 pounds.

My current weight is 156 pounds, and training right now for me is SO incredible. I awaken at 3:30 am Monday thru Friday to work out by 5:00 am. I can tell you how I look forward to training every day. I’ve corresponded for three weeks, and I have actually lost 7 pounds. (I weigh myself every Sunday.) At 5:00 pm, I get on my Peloton and cycle with live instructors. They are super inspiring.

When I was away for fundamental training and AIT for 5 months for the army, it was difficult having the little workout resources I had and assistance. I kept my head on straight. I did put on weight awfully, and I was so upset. I knew I could not remain in that frame of mind. I went directly to the fitness center when I finished from them both. I got back on track cause I still have a vision, and my WHY stands strong. @. Fitness_Ambitious.

Update Aug 2020: We featured. Tyesha’s.excellent transformation. She lost 55+ pounds, (going from 205 pounds to 150 pounds) and has been on a health and physical fitness journey for three years. She lost 21 pounds during this recent stage of her journey.

Tyesha before and after

What has motivated you to keep going, even when you wished to quit?
When the entire pandemic begun, I fell off track. The gyms closed in New york city, and to this day, they still haven’t opened. It’s been hard. I went to Atlanta, and the gyms were open there. I can’t inform you how delighted I was to do some lifting and feel like my old self. Throughout quarantine, I got a great deal of weight, getting up to 171 pounds. I understand I wasn’t the only one going thru it. What kept me going is that I required to reconcile this minute and understand that this is the new regular. I needed to adjust to it.

How did you change your consuming practices?
I started to do intermittent fasting and juicing. I likewise consumed smaller parts, stopped eating after a particular time, and ate more green vegetables and salads.

What did your workout regular include?
I worked out every day while in Atlanta. I brought that state of mind back to New York and started doing house exercises, using the best devices I had. I did bodyweight workouts and used my resistance bands.


What was your beginning weight this time around? What is your current weight?
I weighed 171 pounds, and I presently weigh 150 pounds.

What is your height?
5′ 2 “.

Tyesha before and after

The length of time did your transformation take?
I originally started in 2017 at 205 pounds, so it’s been three years now, It’s been a challenge.

Is weight reduction surgery part of your journey?
No, and a great deal of people asked me that. I didn’t want the simple escape, so I strove for my body to get to where it is now.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve found out up until now?
Life will always throw you curveballs. You simply have to understand how to evade them and keep going.

What recommendations do you have for ladies who wish to lose weight?
Decision can be a powerful and positive motivator. Continuing to feel identified can be incredibly hard when we encounter barriers and problems like the current pandemic and health clubs being closed down. Whether it’s reducing weight or giving up smoking, it takes an incredible quantity of determination to accomplish the objectives we set for ourselves. Also, Click the image at the top of this page to get your “Custom Keto Plan”

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