Ideal Healthy Diet For Women During Pregnancy

Healthy diet for pregnant women is focused on adequate quality and quantity of nutrients needed for both mother and her child.

Health of an unborn child is affected to a great degree by its mother food during the pregnancy; therefore a great significance is placed on her healthy diet during this period.

Very important part of women’s diet right before and during early stages of pregnancy is adequate intake of folic acid.

Folic acid is detrimental for avoiding neural tube defects in developing child.

Another important ingredient of a healthy diet is calcium needed for bones and skeleton build up. Sufficient consumption of food containing iron is also important for red blood cells formation.

There are also some foods which should be avoided during pregnancy, for example some seafood. Not that the fish or seafood itself would be unhealthy, but these days the environmental pollution is causing that many kinds of seafood contain high levels of mercury.

This can be very damaging for  healthy child development, especially its neurological development is at risk. Another type of food which should be avoided during pregnancy are so called soft cheeses like brie or feta.

Ideal diet during pregnancy should consist of 3 main daily meals supplemented by another 3 side dishes rich in vitamins and nutrients.

The purpose is to decrease the size of each portion and eat more often, especially in the first trimester of the pregnancy. This will help to reduce feeling hungry and subsequent overeating which may lead to excessive weight gain so typical for many pregnancies.

Below is an example of healthy weekly diet regimen or weekly menu during pregnancy:


Breakfast – cereals, milk, wholemeal bread with butter, kiwi

Morning Tea – bran muffin

Lunch – chicken soup with noodles, wholemeal bread, ham, orange, milk

Brunch – yogurt

Dinner – turkey, cauliflower, potatoes, milk, watermelon


More Healthy & Deliceous Recipes

Breakfast – eggs (scrambled, poached, fried), wholemeal bread, orange juice, bawl of fresh fruit

Morning Tea – fruit cocktail

Lunch – tuna salad, bread rolls or other bakery products of your choice, leafy vegetables, vegetables, fresh pineapple, milk

Brunch – cottage cheese, fruits

Dinner – chicken breast, rice, peas, watermelon, milk


Breakfast – wholemeal bread, butter, ham, peach, milk

Morning Tea – wholemeal bakery products, spread of your choice, carrot

Lunch – soup of your choice, vegetable salad with cheese, milk, mango

Brunch – yogurt

Dinner – meat, potatoes, steamed or boiled carrot, milk, grapes


Breakfast – wholemeal pancakes with banana and walnuts, pear, milk

Morning Tea – yogurt

Lunch – tomato soup, wholemeal toast with cheese, pear, milk

Brunch – fresh fruits

Dinner – spinach lasagne, garden salad, fresh fruits, milk


Breakfast – wholemeal bakery products, butter, ham, milk, banana

Morning Tea – tomato salad with yogurt, wholemeal bread

Lunch – vegetable soup, turkey meat, vegetables, apple, milk

Brunch – fresh fruits

Dinner – yogurt


Breakfast – vegetable omelette, wholemeal bread, fresh fruits, milk

Morning Tea – apple, pear

Lunch – lentils soup, chicken meat prepared as per your choice, vegetable, milk, strawberries

Brunch – cheesecake with walnuts, fruits

Dinner – baked pork meat, steamed broccoli, milk, plums, other fresh fruits


Breakfast – porridge, boiled eggs, orange juice, watermelon

Morning Tea – cheese with fruits

Lunch – vegetable soup, vegetarian pizza, yogurt with strawberries, milk

Brunch – low fat popcorn

Dinner – chicken meat with potatoes, steamed green beans, milk, nuts, carrot with yogurt

You can adjust your weekly menu with available seasonal foods.

How to create Diet with all essential nutrients?

If you are on any type of diet then it’s very important to have all essential nutrients like Vitamins or Minerals.

You can easily create well-balanced diet with this tool: Nutrition Calculator – The Complete Solution

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