Hibachi Steak Lettuce Wraps

It’s difficult for me to validate a cooking a big meal when it’s simply my kid and me. Just the simple stuff that I understand my 3-year old will consume!

After I selected him up from school, we ran by the shop to pick up some steak. It was way too cold to fire up the grill, so I chose to cook the steak within, hibachi style.

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And through a little imagination these Hibachi Steak Lettuce Wraps were born. And oh my gosh, are they ever excellent!

Cooking up the steak in the skillet is a VERY quick process considering that the steak is sliced into bite sized pieces. I enjoy this dish not even if it’s quick, but since it utilizes very simple active ingredients; lettuce, butter, soy, and steak sauce are the base of this dish..

I intensified the components by making some rice as well, which is optional!On the steak lettuce wraps, I layered prepared wild rice, the steak hot from the skillet, and topped it with green onion and a little bit of yum sauce! Definitely delish!.

This Hibachi Steak Lettuce Wrap recipe is one that saves very well for leftovers. I had a little steak and rice left, so I mixed them together and loaded them for my lunch the next day! It reheated magnificently and provided me a simple, healthy lunch.

I should keep in mind that for the yum sauce, I had some pre-made sauce from a regional restaurant..


  • 16 ounces steak, cut into bite sized pieces.
  • 1/8 tsp salt, garlic and pepper powder.
  • 1 tbsp veggie or canola oil.
  • 2 tbsp salted butter.
  • 1 tbsp soy sauce.
  • 1 box Uncle Ben’s \u00ae Long Grain & & Wild Rice, Quick Cook Recipe.
  • 5 tbsp yum sauce (see notes).
  • lettuce leaves, for covers.


  1. Cook rice according to package instructions.
  2. In large skillet, heat oil on medium high up until it just starts to smoke.
  3. Season steak pieces with pepper, garlic and salt powder. Contribute to hot frying pan. Allow to scorch for 1 to 1.5 minutes, or until the side is gently caramelized, then sear and flip each piece for another 1 to 1.5 minutes. Add butter and soy sauce, saute for up to a minute up until the butter is melted. This need to get the steak to about medium unusual (using 1 minute on each side) or medium well (using 1.5 minutes on each side).
  4. In each lettuce leaf, layer yum, steak and rice yum sauce. Serve while steak is still hot.

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