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9 Weight Loss Vision Board Tips and Ideas

If weight-loss is on your mind and you’re on the hunt for motivational ideas and tools that will keep you responsible to your goals, a weight loss vision board might be simply the important things you need. While all of us know that healthy consuming, routine workout, quality sleep, and adequate water intake can all assist us shed unwanted pounds, not everyone has the internal inspiration and discipline required to embrace new practices and maintain them over time. If this seems like you, keep checking out for concepts and suggestions to assist you create a weight reduction vision board that will inspire you to accept change and keep you moving on when you feel like providing up.

9 Weight Loss Vision Board Tips and Ideas | If weight loss is on your mind and you're on the hunt for motivational tips and tools that will keep you accountable to your goals, we've got you covered! We're teaching you how to make a vision board for weight loss, including goal setting ideas, step by step tips for curating photos, words, and quotes to bring your vision to life, and tons of inspiration to make the law of attraction help you in your weight loss journey!

What is a Vision Board?

Known as a ‘dream board’, a vision board is a visual representation of your goals. When practiced properly, a vision board can help you get rid of self-limiting beliefs and shift your mindset, allowing you to achieve great things in life!

What Should You Include On Your Weight-loss Vision Board?

While producing a vision board might sound healing to someone who enjoys crafting, it may feel silly and frustrating to those who aren’t creatively inclined. If this seems like you, don’t enable your absence of imagination to hold you back! A vision board does not need to be a work of art– you can make it as basic or intricate as you wish to.

We dig more into the science of creating a vision board for weight loss listed below, however if you’re looking for a high-level summary of the examples you ought to consist of on your vision board, here are some concepts:

  • Your big, fat, hairy, adventurous objective
  • Smaller sized, short-term goals that will assist keep you responsible
  • Images and/or images that bring your objective to life
  • Words and affirmations to keep you encouraged when roadblocks provide themselves
  • Inspiring quotes to help you on days you seem like stopping
  • Lists of particular action items to help you reach your goals
  • Lists to help you track your progress with time

Vision Board Supplies To Invest In

Prior to you begin to create a vision board, you will require a couple of supplies. Keep in mind that you can make this task as creative or easy as you wish to, so the quantity of supplies you’ll need really depends on how crafty you’re feeling. I’ve included Amazon links to my favorite vision board supplies listed below:

Here are some other cool materials you can purchase from Amazon to include a little flare if you’re creatively inclined like me!

How to Produce a Weight Reduction Vision Board

Now that you know what a vision board is and have the supplies you need to produce your own, it’s time to get to work, which can feel a little bit overwhelming. There are so many things to consider, but rest guaranteed there is no ideal way to produce a vision board. If you’re trying to create a weight loss vision board, here are some concepts and ideas to get you started and assist you get the most out of the process.

If you’re searching for weight-loss vision board ideas, you probably have a target weight in mind, but I advise you to exceed and beyond the numbers on your restroom scale. Ask yourself concerns like

  • Why do I want to slim down?
  • How will I feel when I reach my goal?
  • How will I look when I reach my goal?
  • How will others describe me when I reach my goal?
  • How will my life change when I reach my goal?

Try to envision the individual you desire be. Is she strong? Does she have more energy? Is she a motivation to her family and friends? Does she run marathons or compete in CrossFit competitors? You get the concept …

When you’ve pictured this brand-new version of yourself, look for pictures and images that assist bring that vision to life. Whichever method you pick to approach this, the idea is to create an image of the future YOU to include on your weight loss vision board, offering you something to look to for inspiration when you feel like giving up.

Producing a vision board for weight loss goes above and beyond super-imposing your face onto an image of a physical fitness model. While it’s great to have a visual of what you desire your future self to appear like, you require to develop a roadmap to assist you get there. As Antoine de Saint-Exup\u00e9ry once said, ‘a goal without a plan is just a desire’!

Your roadway map must consist of short-term objectives that will help you reach your overarching goal if you’re producing a weight loss vision board. Healthy eating, routine physical activity, consuming more water, and sleep are all examples of smaller goals you can add to your weight reduction plan. Bear in mind that it can be really frustrating (and impractical) to embrace multiple new habits at the same time, so consider producing a strategy that concentrates on one new objective every 1-3 months.

Another key element to a successful weight-loss vision board is development tracking. Whether you pick to include a tracking sheet directly onto your vision board, or choose to create a different tracking spreadsheet, it’s crucial to do regular check-ins to evaluate your progress. This can be especially useful for weight reduction as the scale just tells part of your story– measurements, photos, the method your clothes fit, and your mood are all important consider your journey.


While producing your weight-loss vision board, it can be exceptionally useful to determine obstacles that may set you back along the method. Self-doubt, stress, social events, travel, and unsupportive household and good friends are all examples of things that can hinder your progress, but if you put in the time to prepare ahead and put together a strategy of action, you’ll be much better geared up to handle these challenges head-on. Which leads me to my next pointer …

When you have actually recognized all of the challenges that can and will turn up in your weight reduction journey, invest some time searching for words, affirmations, and/or quotes that can help you overcome negative, self-sabotaging ideas and change them with positive, self-affirming beliefs. Words like STRONG, POWERFUL, WORTHY, CAPABLE, RESILIENT, ENOUGH, and BEAUTIFUL enter your mind, and if you. follow me on Instagram you know I have heaps of inspiring quotes you can utilize on your weight-loss vision board. I’m connecting to my preferred inspirational weight reduction quotes. HERE and I’ve highlighted my favorites listed below!

‘ Excuses don’t burn calories.’
— Unidentified.

‘ Do not wish for it. Work for it.’
— Unidentified.

‘ If you’re tired of starting over, stop quiting.’
— Unidentified.

‘ Be stronger than your excuse.’
— Nike Motto.

‘ If it doesn’t challenge you, it does not alter you.’
— Unidentified.

‘ Do it due to the fact that they stated you couldn’t.’
— Unknown.

As soon as you have actually identified your short-term and long-term objectives, discovered images and images that represent your vision, created a roadmap and figured out how you’ll track your progress, recognized prospective road obstructs, and drawn up your favorite words, affirmations, and quotes, it’s time to pull all of it together and individualize your weight reduction vision board. Keep it minimalistic and simple, or get loud and creative– whatever works finest for you and your personality!

As soon as your weight loss vision board is total, display is somewhere popular, like your desk, nightstand, kitchen area counter, or closet to guarantee you see it every single day. Describe it when challenges pop up and you feel your motivation slipping, and set a daily/weekly suggestion on your phone to check-in with your goals, track your progress, and so on

My final tip for producing a successful weight reduction vision board is to make certain you’re updating it occasionally. Go back and make adjustments if you feel overloaded and prevented by the magnitude of your original objectives. If you have actually identified new practices you feel would be helpful, include them. If you heard a new affirmation or quote that lights a fire under your booty, stick it on!

If you’re trying to produce a weight-loss vision board to get you closer to your goals, I hope the suggestions and concepts in this post prove useful to you. Don’t be scared to set huge goals, but beware to develop a practical roadmap that will get you from where you are now to the version of yourself you intend to end up being. Track your progress, expect obstructions, and change your sails when you require to!

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