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8 Ways to Add Crunch to Keto

It can begin to feel like you’re swimming a limitless river of meat and cheese when you’re about that keto life.

That’s not constantly a bad thing ( meatza has made a cameo in our dreams every night for the last year). In some cases you start to miss out on the gratifying crunch of lots of carby treats.

Healthy fats and proteins supply heaps more complete satisfaction when they coordinate with a crispy cracker. And no matter just how much we tap our heels together, repeat crackers are a carb-free treat, and will it to be real, most crackers aren’t exactly light on carbs.

If you’re yearning that crunch however avoiding all bread-related shenanigans, these keto crackers are the saviors hiding under your meat.

Many are incredibly basic mixtures including a couple of ingredients and a short baking time. Let’s get crackin’.

You can’t beat the classics

Nobody on a keto treat mission can pass up combining these with their cheese and meat.

Naturally, we’re starting with the heavy hitters. A traditional cracker recipe is a timeless for a reason. These flexible crunchybois will pair with anything from veggie dip to almond butter.

And they’re not just flexible in terms of food pairings– you can likewise have fun with how the crackers themselves taste by changing up any of the spices.

Utilize cookie cutters to produce any shape you want if you’re feeling additional fancy about your crackers. And if you’re new to the world of keto, don’t worry! We have actually got your back.

For simply the ideal amount of satisfying crunch, look no more than these flaxseed crackers with fresh rosemary and sea salt. Their nutty taste bounces perfectly off any velvety cheese or dip, and they bake to percussive crispiness in less than 15 minutes.

They ought to become a staple in any keto kitchen. Well, whaddayaknow? Snacking simply became fun again.

Still exploring the ultra-nutritious world of seeds? Here are some incredible seeds to assist your diet grow in healthful directions.

Sweet, sweet crunchybois

In some cases your mouth is saying crackers, however your heart is stating cookies..

There’s something about graham crackers that right away evokes eating s’mores around a campfire and viewing Uncle Billy stop working at opening a beer bottle with his teeth.

While marshmallows do not rather suit keto’s master plan, you can still participate some parts of the campfire custom.

These sweet, crunchy grahams are nearly like a cross in between a cracker and a cookie, so they’re the perfect low carbohydrate sweet reward for any keto warriors who miss both.

We took a look at why store-bought graham crackers. can be bad for you. .

These discreetly sweet crisps are ideal with morning coffee or afternoon tea. Treat them like a keto shortbread.

They’re made with low glycemic sweetener, butter, and a mix of almond and coconut flours.

Cook them up until they reach a state of golden-brown loveliness, and then pair them with a steaming mug of coffee. If that seems like the best morning to you, too, we can certainly still be pals.

You may be in a full-blown cookie mood, and we ‘d never ever blame you for that. Here are our favorite. keto cookie choices.

Cheese with your cheese, sir?

Cheeses on tacky crackers. Cheese on cheese on cheese. Seems like a task for us.

OK, so they’re not rather pizza. However who’s about to deny a treat that tastes similar to pizza? Not I, and not my reasonable buddy Jeff, who also likes pizza. Everyone believes he’s cool because of that alone.

These two-ingredient crisps are made from mozzarella cheese and pepperoni. Take these pizza bites all over with you.


When hunger strikes, you’ll be ready to strike back– with a pocket filled with pepperoni crisps, a satchel full of hope, and a backpack full of more pepperoni crisps.

We found some. dishes that you ‘d never ever think are low carb consisting of a pizza constructed out of chicken.

You know simply how alluring they can be if you have actually ever seen somebody attempting to scarf down a whole box of Cheez-Its in the line for airport security. But folks following a keto diet need to eliminate this comprehensive sensory experience.

Fulfill the simple, keto-friendly cousin of the Cheez-It. These coconut flour-based crackers taste similar however neglect the extra carbohydrates.

The fresh basil in the dough adds depth and flavor. Bringing these crunchybois to a celebration will interact the following to your non-keto friends:.

  • Yes, you absolutely still get to consume enjoyable food.
  • Likewise yes, you’re the outright boss at making it.
  • By all methods, do not hesitate to stand near the crackers and look cooler than everyone else at the affair.
  • Fine, I’ll inform everybody you’re my plus-one.
  • No, you can’t have any crackers– you have to make your method up to that. We’ve only just satisfied.

If you have not had enough yet, take a. deep dive into cheese. .

Butter is a keto baking staple, and it gets its. Hodor minute. with this unbelievably versatile recipe.

You can roll these crackers as thick or thin as you want– simply be sure to change the baking time accordingly. And they can sit beneath.aaaaaaaany.keto-friendly meat, cheese, or veg that enters your face with its head held high.

Filled with healthy fats, these have simply 1 gram of net carbohydrates for every four crackers you consume. Feel complimentary to chow down on these to your heart’s content. Beileve us, you’ll desire to.

We discovered a load of. keto-friendly treat alternatives. to keep you going.


It does not get much simpler than this. Grab almond flour, flaxseeds, and sea salt, and you’re set.

They’re a breeze to make and a fantastic alternative for those plucky couple of taking a break from dairy (sorry, cheddar– it’s not you, it’s us).

You will not believe there’s no butter in here.


Following a keto strategy can be a difficulty at. Discovering enjoyable ways around the limitations is part of the pleasure.

These crackers are bound to assist you put the crunch back into your lunch and take the tension out of cooking for people who aren’t on a low carb diet.

Now, it’s time gown those crackers to the nines. Learn how to. created a charcuterie board. with style.

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