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Dairy Free & Keto Pasta

This fresh egg keto pasta (or fried gnocchi!) is surprisinglysimple to work up! And while different from the initial, it yields killeral dente like outcomes to set with your favorite Italian sauce.

Dairy free & keto pasta in bow shape
Fresh Egg Dairy Free & & Keto Pasta.

Ready For Your Favorite Italian Sauce!

Due to the fact that pasta!! Undoubtedly one of the important things peeps naturally miss the most when going keto. due to the fact that let’s face it very little beats a bowl of pasta!

And while this low carb version is a different from the original ( think fried pasta or gnocchi!), you’ll still be shocked by how terrific it pairs with conventional Italian sauces! Ahem,. homemade pesto. Being my favorite here (. marinara. can not be dismissed!!)!

My one essential pointer.? Keep your pasta shapes small and thick (gnocchi, cavatelli, orecchiette and bows work great!), so you get that al-dente bite after frying it. Whipping up noodles unfortunately makes it more bread like (#tear!).

Plus, while it can take about an hour to assemble (counting resting time and depending upon the total up to shape), think of it as meal prepping supreme. The pasta can be cooked after briefly thawing it out, making it perfect for a quick weeknight meal!

The different shapes of keto pasta on a black marble surface
Fresh Egg Dairy Free & & Keto Pasta.

The Flours

I’m using our popular. Crazy Keto Dough. ( for everything!) here … but without the baking powder. You have experienced the base dough currently in. our popular keto tortillas. and consequently in. our keto ravioli. .

Think practically the very same components: extremely fine almond flour (Anthony’s. very fine is amazing) and coconut flour (again. Anthony’s best taste and texture by a mile!), a touch of. xanthan gum. and an egg..slightly wetter, permitting much better rolling and cooking.

Reality is, the dish for this keto pasta is extremely similar to the staple fresh egg Italian. Believe approximately a cup of grain complimentary flours per egg, and a little water as required.

Adverse nuts? I’ve heard great things about substituting the almond flour with sunflower seed meal. or. pumpkin seed meal. from readers. Color and taste will be various though.

Otherwise,.no substituting.flours here and the xanthan gum is absolutely required. And, if possible, weigh your active ingredients for constant results.

The Method


This pasta dough is, perhaps surprisingly,.really easy to shape ( particularly with a little practice!). I timed myself and it took me thirty minutes to form cavatelli and 20 for the orecchiete and farfalle. And perhaps I enjoy manual labor, but I’ve always discovered making homemade pasta to be ultra relaxing..

As mentioned, nevertheless, that the shape of option (for the majority of pasta-like outcomes) are the cavatelli. Both because the ridges assist the sauce to stick much better, and for the resulting texture and mouthfeel.

You’ll require to acquire. a (9 bucks!) cavatelli & & gnocchi board . Cavatelli are really similar to gnocchi in shape (which you can make too!), though somewhat thinner and with more of a bite.

Otherwise orecchiette and farfalle ( i.e. butterflies or bows) are incredibly simple to make, and yield wonderful results too.

And, as many of you understand already, you can make killer ravioli with this dough. Have a look at. the complete ravioli recipe post. for deets and ideas!

The trick to even shaping? Divide the dough in four, roll into a log and slice off pieces (see picture below). This is a traditional Italian method to guarantee even-sized pasta.

Cutting and shaping keto gnocchi on a wooden board
Fresh Egg Dairy Free & & Keto Pasta.
Shaping keto ravioli
Grain Free, Low Carbohydrate & & Keto Ravioli.
Shaping Keto orecchiette pasta using hands
Fresh Egg Dairy Free & & Keto Pasta.

How To Prepare This Keto Pasta

You’ll want to freeze the shaped pasta for 15 minutes prior to cooking. And yes, you can go on and freeze them too (believe a couple months!), but thaw them out a little before cooking.

You’ll likewise desire to always.cook these people in a little olive oil or butter, never ever in water ( they’ll just be mushy as keto flours cook extremely.differently). They’re definitely killer lightly fried.

Be sure to just cook this low carbohydrate and keto pasta up until it just.begins to get some color. I found this is the very best way to get an al dente-like texture. Soft, but with a nice bite.

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