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4 Steps To How I Lowered My A1C

I know this can be a touchy subject for T1’s, particularly when we attempt to have the I can consume anything I want and just bolus for it attitude. Trust me, I was probably one of the top advocates for this mantra. However for me, this attitude was holding me back from the A1C I so severely wanted.

The very first thing I did was to go Paleo. This implied eliminating dairy, gluten, and processed foods. I didn’t go stringent paleo (as I still was consuming beans), however already I was seeing a big drop in my insulin resistance.

Once paleo eating ended up being a routine and thinking about meals/snacks ended up being simple for me, I decided to take it one step even more. I had actually just checked out

Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Option and decided to offer low carbohydrate a shot. Going low carb enhanced my insulin level of sensitivity a lot more than simply going Paleo. Not only did my insulin to carbohydrate ratio drop, however my background insulin reduced considerably also.

Consuming paleo meals/snacks that ran out than 20g net carbohydrates and included lots of healthy fats and protein practically totally eliminated my spikes. My CGM stopped appearing like a roller coaster ride and began to look like a smooth coast line.

2. Get a CGM

Getting a CGM assisted me to see what impact my diet plan & & lifestyle choices were having on my blood glucose. Having the ability to see how certain foods and workouts were impacting my blood sugar assisted me to make better choices.

With the help of my CGM I also observed how ovulation was affecting my blood sugar level (

check out that HERE ). There are a few various CGMs on the market right now, but I selected Dexcom because of its precision.

See my review of the Dexcom HERE! 3. Get an Insulin Pump

Making the decision to go from MDI a pump was one of the hardest choices I have actually made in my diabetes management, but it ended up being among the most rewarding.


In the start I was so versus insulin pumps (this was before I understood there was such thing as a tubeless & & waterproof insulin pump). Not just did I not wish to wear tubing, however thinking of showering, swimming, and handing my diabetes management over to a robotic completely freaked me out.

Prior to I got the pump my A1C had actually currently reached my objective range, simply from diet plan change and the aid of a CGM. I understood for pregnancy I would require even tighter control. I chose to change to the pump. I told myself that it was simply short-term and after I had an infant I would go back to MDI. However let me tell you, I got connected!

The amount of control I have with an insulin pump is strangely addictive. With the insulin pump you only use fast acting insulin.

The on-the-fly changes are unbelievable and the pump offers you numerous options and opportunities to be as precise as you wish to be.

I decided to opt for the Omnipod for a couple of reasons, see them HERE
4. Make Being Mindful a Practice

While getting gadgets and altering your diet can be significant gamers in getting your A1C down, another essential aspect to keep in mind is being conscious, and intentional. You can consume the healthiest foods all day long, however if you do not take the time to count the carbohydrates and pre-bolus then it won’t make as much of a damage as you ‘d like in your A1C.

As much as I love the occasional eating chips out of a bag, I have actually discovered that I can NEVER get the carbohydrate could right when I do this. So rather, I put the chips I desire to consume in a bowl, count the carbs for them, bolus, wait, then eat. I do not do this every time (because, well, I’m human) however I always try to bear in mind to do this. The more deliberate and mindful I am with eating, the better my sugars will be.

Some tips for conscious consuming:

Rather of eating out of the bag, put your snack/meal in a separate bowl or plate.

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  1. Slow down on consuming and attempt to chew whatever 15 times before swallowing. This will assist give your insulin time to reach your food.
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  3. here is the kind I utilize ) Know your carb max. Attempt to stay under that if you constantly pass your BG threshold when you eat more than 30g carbs per meal.
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