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10 Vegan Oatmeal Cups for the Person on the Go

Sometimes you’re in a rush in the morning, and you pour a bowl of cereal, grab a nutrition bar, pop a bagel in the toaster, or skip breakfast altogether. But why not just reach for an oatmeal cup instead? Prepping a healthy bowl of oatmeal yourself can be cumbersome, having to measure out the oats, figuring out what toppings and spices to add, etc. But, reaching for an oatmeal cup that’s already been portioned into a single serving and flavored is so much easier. And then you can even take it on the go without having to worry about washing a bowl. So check out these brands for some great fully-vegan oat cup lines.

1. Dr. McDougall’s Right Foods
Dr. McDougall’s Right Foods seven different oatmeal cups—Chia Berry, Cranberry Almond, Fruit Flax and Nuts, Hemp Peach, and Organic Mighty Omega, plus two gluten-free flavors, Organic Apple Flax and Organic Maple—are great because they’re a little bigger than other brands, so you don’t have to worry about getting hungry later.

2. Bob’s Red Mill
Bob’s Red Mill also has a wide variety of oat cups from which to choose, and they’re all gluten-free. Fruit-based flavors are Bob’s specialty, which is one reason why the Organic Pineapple Coconut tastes like a trip to the islands.

3. Vigilant Eats
The cups by Vigilant Eats are unique not only because they all certified organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, and kosher but also because they’re intentionally crafted to be versatile—you can add cold water to make overnight oats, hot water to make them oatmeal, or milk to make them cereal or muesli. And, they have unique flavor combinations such as Cacao Banana Crunch, Coconut Maple Vanilla, and Espresso Maca Mulberry.

4. Love Grown
If you’re someone who prefers classic and simple oatmeal flavorings, check out Love Grown’s options, which include Blueberry Banana Walnut, Apple Cinnamon, Peach Vanilla Almond, and Strawberry Raspberry. We love the fact that these cups come with instructions on how to make the oatmeal into muffins (just be sure to use a vegan egg substitute and non-dairy milk).

5. Purely Elizabeth
For those who like granola on their oats, you’re in luck with Purely Elizabeth, as all of the oat cups come with a serving of the brand’s Organic Ancient Grain Granola to sprinkle on top. Also, if you’re someone who likes colorful food, they have three different Vibrant Oat Cups in vivid blue, yellow, and pink from blue spirulina, turmeric, and pitaya.

6. Modern Oats
There are are two great things about Modern Oats. The first is that they have a wide variety of flavor choices. The second is they work only with small farm, gluten-free and non-GMO verified whole rolled-oats from family-run operations throughout the upper Midwest. Favorite flavors include Chocolate Cherry, Mango Blackberry, and the Just Oats, which is a cup of oats with nothing added.


7. Daily Harvest
Daily Harvest’s store-in-the-freezer cups are packed with ingredients that are frozen to preserve nutrients and freshness. Three oat flavors—Mulberry + Dragonfruit, Pumpkin + Chai, and Cinnamon Protein + Banana—are noteworthy because they come with not only oats, bananas, cinnamon, and maple syrup but also garbanzo beans, cacao nibs, pea protein, and reishi.

8. Dave’s Gourmet
If you’ve got absolutely no time in the morning, pick up some oats by Dave’s Gourmet that require no cooking. These overnight oats include a blend of chia, almonds, and fruit that you that you soak overnight in the fridge and for a readymade breakfast in the morning.

MUSH’s overnight oats are fully prepared when you buy them, and all you have to do is remove the lid. Plus, the ingredients are super simple. For example, the Wild Blueberry flavor is made with coconut milk, oats, blueberries, and sea salt, and the fact that the packaging reminds shoppers that the products have no added sugar, eggs, soy, thickeners, and preservatives means we can eat three of these without feeling guilty.

10. Brekki
Brekki is another brand of fully prepared overnight oats, but with an added twist, as these come mixed with added crunch from grains and seeds, plus a little coconut nectar for sweetness. Perfect for people who like to break a sweat, these products were created after one of the founders was looking for a well-rounded, convenient breakfast to fuel his active lifestyle.

Symphony Barnes is a writer from Southern California with a passion for health and wellness.

Photo courtesy of Daily Harvest

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