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10 Easy Habits That Helped Me Lose 100 Pounds

I’m going to be honest, it takes a lot of effort to lose 100 pounds. Regardless of what some people might say or what you might check out, there is no faster way or simple, magical method to lose a lot of weight. Large weight loss takes effort, perseverance, self-reflection, and a change of practices.

When I lastly informed myself, enough sufficed, and that I was worthy of all my objectives and dreams, I understood that I needed to make some severe changes in my life! I ultimately recognized that the reason I hadn’t been able to lose weight (and keep it off) was that I had not been willing to alter a few of my core routines. Or more honestly, I was frightened to make some substantial modifications. Modification can be scary. I indicate, what if I didn’t like who I ended up being? But, fortunately, I chose that working towards the greatest version of myself might just work out in my favor.

When I stopped briefly and did some major self-reflection that I was able to identify which of my core habits I needed to change in order to achieve my goals. I devoted to making little tweaks here and there, and I focused only on the favorable elements of my journey! I was able to lose over 100 pounds when I chose that I was worth it and dedicated to making my mind, spirit, and body healthy. And I have actually preserved that 100-pound weight loss years later on!

Remember while reading this post that these are things that worked for me! They might not always work for everybody. I do recommend providing everything a try, it may just alter your life!


Consume at least a 1/2 gallon of water daily.

One of the best things you can do to assist yourself lose weight and maintain the weight loss is to considerably increase your water intake. There are lots of various methods to drink more water. debunked . Another easy method to drink more water is to bring a water bottle with you throughout your day. Or to set phone alarms to advise yourself when to take a sip (or chug lol). You can check out more easy methods to increase your water intake in this post .


Boost Your Body Movement.

Most specialists agree that the typical individual needs to be burning about 200-300 calories due to body movement daily. Especially if you do not have the time to do a complete aerobic or strength training workout.

Early in my weight loss, many days I did a walk with my pet plus a workout. And over time, this simply led to a routine of walking daily.

Don’t eat after 8 pm.

Difficulty yourself to stop eating before 8 pm, and then do not resume consuming up until the early morning time. The majority of frequently, calories eaten after 8 pm are calories we do not need.

Routinely practice intermittent fasting.

I have actually mentioned in this a couple of times that I am a big fan of intermittent fasting . I really credit this style of eating for completely altering my relationship with food and for helping me to lose a big amount of weight.

Intermittent Fasting cycles in between periods of prepared eating and fasting. Periodic fasting works since you are never ever restrictingwhatyou can eat, merelywhenyou can eat. Due to the fact that short-term fasting has actually been revealed to increase your metabolic rate which will have you moving quickly towards your goals, and the reason it works for weight-loss is!

I still frequently practice periodic fasting as a way of keeping my weight loss. Usually, I periodic fast 3-4 days a week. I like the flexibility of not having to limitwhatI eat, as I delight in eating food. For me personally, I ‘d rather have to only fret about when I’m consuming. It just feels more manageable. And I’ve had the ability to easily eat this way for a long duration of time.

before and after weight loss

Body language 4-5 times a week.

Individuals don’t like to hear that body movement is a crucial part of preserving and losing weight loss. Nutrition alone might help you to lose a considerable quantity of weight but if you really desire to be heart-healthy, and keep the weight off then you need to be regularly moving your body.

  • 80 Day Fixation
  • P90X
  • 21 Day Fix
  • Transform: 20
  • Barre Blend

Healthy Snack.

Psychological eating is by far my biggest struggle when it pertains to maintaining my weight-loss. The good news is, I’ve created little tricks over the past number of years to help in this location! However the easiest trick is to enable yourself to enjoy a treatonly afterYou have eaten a healthy snack. It works since you do not feel like you’re depriving yourself of anything, you’re simply telling yourself that you can consume it later.

Plant-based Foods.


I’ve been eating a plant-based diet plan for 7 years now. Rather, I consume heaps of beans, beans, tofu, tempeh, lentils, plant-based dairy, nuts, etc.

Consuming plant-based likewise addressed a couple of health concerns I was previously having (like IBS, heart burn, and really unpleasant bloating) and I no longer deal with those issues.

A plant-based diet isn’t for everyone, I completely understand that. I absolutely have to discuss it on a list of practices that changed my life.

Wish to give it a shot?

An easy method to dip your toes into this style of tidy consuming is to adopt Meatless Monday. Challenge yourself to attempt brand-new dishes, veggies, legumes, fruits, etc to fill yourself up!

Lower or remove alcohol.

I talk about not drinking your calories in another post but I’m going to take it one action further and recommend minimizing your alcohol consumption. Considering even a light beer is still nearly 100 calories, even a couple of beverages includes up real quick.

Among the simplest ways to make an immediate distinction in your health is to look at your alcohol intake.

Nowadays, I allow myself to have the periodic drink monthly. I still devote to keeping my alcohol consumption low. In general, I have actually observed a substantial difference in my skin complexion and less bloating! Those are 2 terrific reasons that assist me remain away from overindulging in alcohol.

Welcome natural sugars.

The key for me was altering what type of sugars I was consuming. When I started to substitute white, processed sugars for more natural sugars like honey, maple syrup, agave, etc, it totally altered my health journey! Even though I was still eating sugar, I wasn’t gaining weight like I was in the past.

When I’m yearning sugar, I try to eat fruit. Fruit is a great natural sugar. Personally, oftentimes an apple with some peanut butter will satisfy a preliminary sugar yearning. And like I stated above, consuming a healthy treat initially makes you less most likely to have an unhealthy snack later.

Practice everyday self-care.

Strangely enough, it wasn’t until I had actually accepted my body for what it was (at my preliminary 249 pounds) that I was able to move substantially towards my health goals and lose 100 pounds. I had spent decades disliking my body. It didn’t matter how overweight I was, I understood my body could do hard things.

After that, I have actually treated my body with far more respect. I practice day-to-day self-care, and I take care of my body inside and out. It’s real what they say, love your body and your body will like you back.

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These are the routines that assisted me to lose 100 pounds. And I still practice these practices every single day. Simple changes to your lifestyle can include up to huge results!

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